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Annique was the first company in the world to develop Rooibos-based health and beauty products. The Annique Rooibos Story makes Annique the only product range with the right to claim the discovery of the anti-allergic and anti-ageing qualities of Rooibos. Annique provides world-class products, extensively tested and compliant with the highest standards. What makes Annique’s products so exceptionally unique is that they contain Rooibos extract, which has been a trusted and scientifically proven remedy over the past few decades. Rooibos has many healing properties.

Daily Skincare

Body Care


essense Skin Detox
Skin Detox, with vitamins A, E, Macadamia oil and Tiger's herb, is one of my favourite Annique products. I now keep it in my bag 24/7. I apply it up to 4 times a day because my skin is dry and I come into contact with air conditioning. Skin Detox's creamy texture adds value to my skin and acts as my skin's building blocks.
ResQue Crème and essense Miracle Tissue Oil
My niece burnt her arm on a heater. She applied ResQue Crème and Miracle Tissue Oil for three weeks and the improvement was amazing! Total healing with almost now marks left and fading every day.
essense Miracle Tissue Oil
My six-year-old daughter has unruly, thick hair. Unlike other six year olds, she is unable to let her hair down, literally. I used to spend almost two hours trying to brush out the knots and plait her hair. We’ve tried numerous products to tame her locks, but nothing made a real difference. Out of desperation, I drenched her hair in Essense Miracle Tissue Oil. What a difference it has made! She is now able to let her beautiful hair down, just like her friends. We don’t have to brush out knots anymore, and her pillow isn’t full of oil either!
ResQue Mist & Crème
My cousin, came to visit with swollen lips due to an allergy. Finding it difficult to talk properly, I immediately sprayed his lips with Resque Mist and as soon as it was dry, I applied Resque Crème. I did this twice in two hours. By the time he left, the swelling was gone and he could speak properly – with a smile!
Forever Young Q10
After using Annique products for a while, I added Q10 therapy to my daily routine and suddenly I received many compliments about my younger looking skin.
ResQue ZeroAche+
I recently has a stress fracture in my wrist. So I turned to my trusted favourite: ZeroAche+ I rubbed it on my wrist about 4-5 times a day. Feeling much better. ZeroAche+ is definitely a miracle worker.